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Frequently Asked Questions

Totally new to this? Here is a great video to watch on how to order your first Hair Replacement



General Shipping Information:

Some of our most common products are on backorder.  This is a worldwide issue and we are working as hard as possible to speed this along.  If your order is affected you will receive an email within 24-48 hours notifying you if your order is on backorder.

You may experience some delays due to possible supply chain and shipping delays. If we do not have an item in stock, you will be notified within 24-48 hours. 


How we are handling incoming shipments from you (our clients):

When we receive any package from our clients, we process those shipments within 24-48 hours (business days) after receipt.

This includes ALL packages- returns, exchanges, samples, and templates.


Which hair replacement is best for me?

I did a great video on this subject here https://youtu.be/ZfX38YAItrI


Where do I mail my Hair Sample and/or Template?

Hair by MHE

550 Mary Esther Cutoff NW

Suite 18 PMB 320

Fort Walton Beach FL, 32548


Please do NOT use Duct Tape for your Template.  Use clear box tape instead.

Please have an order already in place when sending samples or templates.  If I do not have an order for the items sent, there is no way for me to inventory it and will be discarded after 1 week.   

If you need changes made to your current template, we require a new template sent to replace the old template.  We do not alter current templates in any way.


Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, Order Number in package

Link to mail-in form here (download): 


(If link does not work- copy and past into any browser and a Word document will automatically download)

Please label the front and back of your template.


For Hair Samples, we need the most hair we can get.  So if you get a haircut, just save all that and put it in a zip lock bag.  (Please make sure the stylist sweeps the floor first.)  Video link for how to get your sample https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhcKpNISl_0

Templates are NOT returned unless requested.  We keep them on file for the next order, so please make two. You keep one and we keep one.  Templates can not exceed 8x10 inches.
We do not return templates sent to us. If you have an account in good standing and no balance owed, you may submit a request to have your template returned to you.  You will be billed for the shipping to ship the template to you. Shipping charges are based on box size and shipping address. Send requests to: manager@hairbymhe.com with your name, phone number, and address you would like the template mailed to. 



Would you rather do your template based on Measurements?  Here is a video to show you how:



How long does it last and how much does it cost?

Poly (InvisiSkin) is the shortest, lasting 6-12 weeks.  I personally get about 10-12 weeks of use. Lace (InvisiLace or SuperLace) lasts between 3-6 months. 

A lot of this has to do with your lifestyle, how you care for your system, the type of water you get at your home, and the quality of products you use. If you're an active person, expect shorter times. If you do not use salon-quality products and maintenance your system as required,  your system will prematurely fail.

A typical system costs anywhere from $250 to $2000 USD. If you go to a salon, you can expect to pay a whole lot more. 

We sell all units for $299.00 and an additional $25 for a template cut. 


Can I store my new unit in the Box or Package it comes in for an extended period?

No, you do not want to store you new unit for extended times in the box or envelope it comes in past a few weeks.  The paper we ship it in will dry the hair over time as cause premature failure.  We suggest that you place the unit in a Zip Lock sealed bag out of sunlight and high heat.  



What is a Template cut and what does it mean?

Cutting the Template means that our stylist cuts the units' base down the Template you created and shipped to us.  We can also do this in measurements (length and width) if you prefer.  This is doable by you but we offer this service to save you time and headache.  Please do NOT cut into the front hairline of the unit.  This will bring a negative impact on the appearance of the hairline.  Just cut the extra lace or poly away from the front and you are good to go.  If you have questions on making a template please refer to this video.  Please do not use duct tape.  We have found the glue on the duct tape makes it difficult to use over and over again.  Please use clear box tape instead.  Do not worry about the hairline, we use the hairline we created for realism.  

We have an experienced stylist that can cut your stock base to your template for an additional $25.  


Do you provide help and customer service for your customers? 

Absolutely I do!!  I created my YouTube channel for all the questions and answers that are needed, also my FAQ page here and on www.myhairexperience.com  Please check there first. But if you cannot find something I do my absolute best to answer every question I can, personally.  If you are not our customer with product from HairByMHE, i'm sorry but I cannot assist you with products that are not ours.  Those questions are best asked with the person or place they are purchased from.  There are so many products on the market, I do not want to give you bad information.  Please check with your salon or place of purchase as they will know their product better than I.  


How do I pick my color? 

There are a few ways to do this, but it is best done with a color swatch or hair color wheel. 

I did a video exactly on this subject.  

Also, the preferred method is to send us a hair sample.  Here is a  video  to show how to send us a correct hair sample. 



Which system do I choose? 

This is definitely a preference thing.  I prefer our InvisiSKin but some prefer a lace bases.

French Lace (Superlace) and Hybridlace units are not recommended for exposed front hairlines.  

I did a video to walk you through any questions on this subject here 


When will my order ship?  

We'll normally get your order out in less than 7 business days. For units with gray, allow 7-14 days for us to ship. From time to time some colors may run out of stock and take a little bit longer.  If this happens, you will be notified as soon as we know.


What should I expect when my order arrives? 

You'll receive a Hair By MHE Box that has been quality checked by yours truly (Curtis.) Inside you will find your system wrapped.  

For our overseas clients, to save on shipping, we give you the option of a less expensive shipping style- which is shipped in a bubble mailer and wrapped, and still hand inspected by me. 

If you need any glues or tapes to get started, grab your choice of starter kit here.  


What are the best products to use? 

There is no real "right" answer to this. Everyone has a unique body chemistry so this will be a trial and error process until you find your perfect fit. For many, this can be 4-5 different types of bonds.  This is not uncommon.

Here is a link to what I use personally. 

  • It is ALWAYS recommended to do patch tests on yourself with ANY new products you purchase, hypoallergenic or not.  


Can I use styling products? 

Of course. We do advise you to use water-based products. Heavy duty products will likely shorten the life of your new system, and you want to avoid alcohol-containing products as it will dry the hair out quickly.  We never recommend bargain brands.  Stick to high-quality salon-sold products.  We also offer a wide line of styling products made just for this industry found here. 



How long can I wear the hair for? 

Once attached, you can wear our hair for up to 2-3 weeks at a time. We do, however, recommend a re-do of the front hairline every 7 days.  If you tape the hairline you will not have to worry about redoing the hairline every week.  


Can I maintain this on my own? 

Yes. I created my youtube channel so the masses can learn how to do this on their own. No more expensive salons taking advantage of you. Each maintenance session will last about an hour. Please see all my videos for specific questions on maintenance. 


How often do I need to maintain/fix this? 

Sometimes I can go a full week without touchups. This took time to learn how to apply the glue correctly and how to follow the directions exactly.  

I re-do my front hairline once a week to keep it looking fresh. Typically I do a fix of a small spot coming up on the hairline every few days, which is usually a 5-minute job. 


Can I shower and/or swim in it? What about the gym, beach, on the boat, etc.? 

Absolutely! Once attached, the hair is yours. With more excessive swimming, however, we do recommend a more frequent re-groom to keep things sanitary. 


Will my system fall off?  

Absolutely not. As long as you re-groom as advised, the hair will be securely fixed and won't come off unless you use a release spray. If you're active, you may need to re-groom more frequently but if attached properly, the system will not fall off. 


Will people see my hair system? 

If done correctly, no they will not. I am personally in front of people all day, every day and no one has ever noticed anything. This has to do a lot with maintenance. You must keep your hairline neat and clean. 


Is this a lot of work? 

In the beginning yes, a little. It's a learning process. After about a month or so when you have the hang of it, it's no problem at all. I spend maybe 3 hours per month total on my system and maintenance. 


When I get a new system, how much does it cost for the cut-in?  

This will be different from salon to salon. Cost is usually $40 to $200. The $40 is if you install your system at home and they're responsible for cutting it only. The $160 to $200 is if they install it and cut it.  There are salons that can charge more than this- so do your homework first.


Whats the difference between each unit?

Good question:

  • InvisiSkin.  This is a PU (poly-urethane) unit.  Made from .03 mm of polyurethane.  It has the best hairline available, but that comes at a cost of less longevity. 

  • InvisiLace.  It's a fine grade Swiss Lace product, the most versatile unit we offer.  It will do any style you like and do it well. Up, down, part left, part right.  It doesn't care.  It will do it. 

  • SuperLace and HybridLace.  I put these together because they are actually the same unit (other than the poly back border on the HybridLace).  They are French lace construction.  They are the longest lasting unit we offer.  But this is due to the thickness of the lace.  It's a thicker lace than the InvisiLace.  It is suggested with this unit to not expose the hairline.  It's not that the hairline is bad, not at all.  It's just that an exposed hairline is better in our InvisiLace or InvisiSkin products. 


Want to hear what our clients are saying about our products? Click Here.


Customs, VAT, International Shipments:

HairByMHE does not accept liability for Taxes, VAT, Duty or any other import tax to your county.  This is between your countries Customs Department and you, the customer.  We do our best to conform with any and all country import requirements.  

  • We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs duties or taxes.  You are responsible for all customs duties, taxes, and fees charged by your government.  Please contact your countries' customs office for respective rates and charges on packages coming from outside your country.  International customers outside of the United States are responsible for ALL import duties, customs, and local taxes charged by your country.  We are unable to advise the amount of what these fees might be and we recommend that you contact your country's customs office or tax agent for respective rates and fees on packages coming into your country. 


How do I find a stylist or barber to work with?  

There are a few ways to do this. First, you can google "hair replacement near me." Once you speak to someone, ask if they are willing to let you bring in your own replacement unit. Some places won't touch a system that's not theirs. 

The other way is to drive around to higher-end female salons. I found a stylist that did female hair extensions and she said she'd give it a try. We taught each other and she does a great job now. 



I have a question that's not addressed here. What do I do?  

The odds are that I have discussed your question on my youtube channel. Please feel free to visit and do a search!  Also my written Ebook and Video Ebook are available for a more detailed description to everything, all in order.  They are available here.

If I have not answered your question yet, please visit the contact page and submit your questions. We're here to help! 


Color and Variations from unit to unit.

Each and every unit is hand made by our Factory.  This process takes over 40 hours to complete each one.   This will bring slightly different characteristics of each unit.  We strive for excellence in every unit, but from hair color to hair density of the unit no two units will ever be the exact same.  Hair color is matched at our factory but does have a variable of margin.  This is based on climate conditions such as heat, humidity and airborne contaminates.  This causes the dye to sometimes take on a different color but still within an acceptable tolerance that we have set.  There is no way for the dye to be exactly the same every single time.  The margin of the color is not really ever viewable by the human eye but in rare occasions it can be.  For example, if you were to get your hair dyed at a salon there will never be a way to have an exact match each and every time.  This is a human factor.  We always recommend sending us a hair sample of your natural hair for matching.  Even if you currently wear a hair system, not all manufacturer colors are the same. 


How do we compare to other companies out there?

We don't, nor do we try to compare ourselves to other companies.  We offer the absolute best product I've ever seen at the best possible value available!!  We are often asked "what makes your product better?"  I would  never say "ours is better than theirs" or anything like that.  It's just not good business.  We offer a product that I engineered myself along with the factory that we contracted to build our products.  No one else on the planet gets our products.  They are proprietary to HairByMHE.  I personally did the all research, development and engineering of our product.  Chose only the best of base's and hair available.  We offer the best quality hair and base available at a cost FAR less than any club or salon I've ever seen.  I will put our product against any competitor out there!!!



Return Policy 


    • Hair Systems that have been cut to a template (I.E. measurements OR template created and sent to us.)

    • Hair Systems that have been washed, worn, altered, cut, tried on, styled, or in any other way varied from new condition.  

    • Liquids or fluids.  This includes starter kits, shampoos, conditioners, glues, adhesive removers, rubbing alcohol, scalp protectors, adhesive removers, knot sealers, or any other variety of liquids we ship.  This is for sanitary reasons.

    • Other non-liquid products, such as tape, must be 100% unused and in original packaging in new condition.  

    • Any items that appear to have been used, altered, smell like cigarettes, pet smells, odors, or perfumes of any kind will NOT be accepted. 

  • RETURNS continued

    • Merchandise returned will be issued a refund to the original form of payment ONLY once received and processed by MHE.  SHIPPING COSTS ARE NOT REFUNDED.  It is recommended you ship the items back via a trackable service.  We will not be held liable for any shipping carriers' damage or items getting lost in transit.  If this happens, please contact the carrier you used directly. We always recommend shipping with insurance.  

    • Include your name and order number in your return for faster service. Please also list the reason for your return, as this helps us improve our service.

    • Returns must be made within 30 days of the date of delivery of your order.  

    • The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.  We recommend using a trackable return shipping service with insurance for your protection.  

    • Please allow 1-3 business days to process your return.  Once the return is processed, you will receive notification the refund (if approved) has been processed.  Since bank times vary for processing refunds, we recommend you allow 3-5 business days for the credit to appear back from your bank.  

    • If you send the item back and it does not qualify for a return, or we receive a package back from a shipping carrier due to the address provided being undeliverable, you will be billed to reship the order via an emailed invoice.  These types of orders will be held for 14 days.  After 14 days, the items will be donated and no longer available for re-shipping.

    For more information on Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges- CLICK HERE or visit:




        • Orders can not be changed, altered, modified, or cancelled by you after checkout is complete- only MHE can alter or cancel orders.  If you have a requested alteration to an order, you must notify us within 2 hours of order completion.  Please email: manager@hairbymhe.com or curtis@hairbymhe.com for notice of changes. 

        • Only one coupon code per order is accepted.  Some coupons codes may not be valid on all products on an order.  Coupon codes will automatically apply when entered successfully.

        • If you have questions regarding our items prior to placing you order, or are having technical issues with ordering, please email us at: manager@hairbymhe.com or call us at (USA) +1 850-376-0472 for assistance.

        • Florida Buyers:  MHE is registered with the State of Florida to collect sales tax from Florida Residents at the current sales tax rate applicable at that time. 

        • We use fraud filters on our ordering system.  You may be contacted for further information relating to the security of your order.  Please respond back to us with the requested information to avoid any delays in processing.  Failure to respond will delay your order and may cause your order to be cancelled.  

    For full terms and conditions please visit the SHIPPING AND RETURNS PAGE HERE.