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About My Journey

My journey started at about 23 or 24.  I'm 44 now.  My hair was thinning worse and worse as the years went on.  I started shaving my head at about 30 because the "cover-up" was no longer working.  Coming from having a full head of hair in High School, it was so depressing to watch it go.

I've always been a confident person, sometimes overconfident.  Because of this, I was OK with having a shaved head- but I always had that desire to have the movie star hair.  Now, we all can have it and we need to tell the world that, with a little maintenance and very little money- it's possible.

Then, one day my wife texts me a video she saw on Facebook and it changed my attitude about not having hair.  The video was a guy that jumps in a pool, head first, then flips his hair back like a model in a movie- then the screen goes to him basically just pulling it off his head.  I then went to a salon and had my first system installed.  At that point, I knew I had been taken advantage of and I could figure this out all by myself. 

I started this to just video log my journey, but I soon learned that people needed information about it and asked.  So, I created My Hair Experience so I can share what I learned and use with the world!