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Regular price $299.00

Custom unit to your exact request

  • There are so many parameters we need to do a consultation. 
  • 8-10 week build time 
  • Please enter your phone number.  Once the order is placed, I will reach out via text or phone call to get all the parameters of your new hair!
  • Hair Density 
  • Hair Length  Standard is less than 6" -over that is an additional cost
  • Hair Direction- Example: Freestyle or Side Part
  • Hair Type- Indian or European.  Euro Hair is $60 USD more
  • Hairline Curvature- we can send a diagram for reference 
  • Base Material- Example: Lace or Poly? Any base material you like!
  • Gray Percentage in any percentage you choose 
  • Gray Location on Head: Example, more grey in front than back- we will send a diagram for this
  • Curl? We have a chart to reference for you 
  • Size:   Are you sending in a template or are we going by your measurements? Size is no additional charge, cutting to template is $20 dollars additional 

We are here to help you answer all these questions either via phone, text, Whatsapp or email.  +1-850-376-0472  Curtis@hairbymhe.com

When a custom order is placed please reach out to me via email with your full contact information.  If there is a language barrier we can use a translator service to help.